The Missouri Pacific

"The Missouri Pacific was started in 2018 by Lubomir Rzepka in Boston, Massachusetts. Lubomir has a history of performance in the theater world and has been writing fiction, poetry, and song ever since he could hold a pen. He studied English Literature for a year at the University of New Hampshire before leaving to pursue music.

The Missouri Pacific was named after an old train-line often used by hitchhikers, artists, and the like trying to make their way out West. Kerouac recounts it fondly in his most famous story “On The Road,” and the image of the railway harkens back to the time of the Beat Generation and the movements and music that followed.

The songs of The Missouri Pacific are reminiscent of that train-line. They are eclectic yet thoughtful, unafraid of mixing genre while maintaining a theme. It’s folk, it’s rock, it’s psych, and it’s bouncing between the fullest extremities of acoustic and electric. It’s music that doesn’t really have a home to come from, music that doesn’t really know where it’s off to, but moving always with curiosity and intensity. It’s lyrical, energetic, and undoubtedly filled with soul.

As of now the group is in the process of releasing their first four singles recorded at Plaid Dog in Boston, MA. In March, they will be hunkering down to record their first full-length studio album at the Noise Floor in Dover, NH. This release will be their biggest yet, with lots of upcoming surprises.

The band comprises of Lubomir Rzepka (Guitar, vocals, writing) Willy Downing (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and Evan Roque (Drums, Vocals)"

- The Missouri Pacific

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